Our Mission 

The mission of the Moore Street School Foundation is to bring this structure back online through the following steps: Acquisition, Stabilization, Preservation and Community Utilization.

Vision Narrative

To repurpose the decaying Moore Street School into a self-sustaining performing arts training center for all ages as well as an event space and meeting place that is unique to Richmond.

To create an entity that does not duplicate services readily available elsewhere.

To generate community support and attract interest, endorsement and participation.


Moore Street School Committees

1.  Finance Committee - Budget Development

2.  Public Relations Committee - Community Outreach, Branding, Social Media, Marketing, Newsletter, Website

3.  Fundraising Committee - Grant Writing and Fundraising Campaign

4.  Facilities - Acquisition, Stabilization, Preservation and Design

5.  Program - Facilities Utilization, Programming, Design Concepts and Execution

Moore Street School Foundation Advisory Council

We are currently recruiting advisory board members who believe in our mission. We are recruiting advisors with experience in areas such as revenue growth, sales, marketing, finance, strategy, or who just believe in our mission and think they can add value as an advisor.


In 1886-87, a sixteen-classroom, two-story brick school was built "to afford accommodation for the outlying schools in the neighborhood of Brook avenue." The school fronted on Moore Street; hence the name Moore School or, more often, Moore Street School. This building, one of seven schools built between 1887-1898, is said to be the only one retaining much of the original "interior and exterior character," and has been described as one of the best examples of the period, still publicly owned.

The Moore Street School Foundation, a 501 C3, was created March 24 2021 with the purpose to own and redevelop Moore Street School building.

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