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Virginia's Most Endangered Histoic Places List 2023
May 9, 2023
Preservation Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (May 9, 2023)  Each May  National Historic Preservation Month  Preservation Virginia releases a list of historic places across the Commonwealth facing imminent or sustained threats. The list, which has brought attention to 170 sites in Virginia, encourages individuals, organizations, and local and state governments to advocate for their preservation and find solutions that will save these unique locations for future generations. The program has a track record of success. Only 10% of the sites listed so far were lost to demolition or neglect.

This year’s program reflects some of the most pressing issues affecting historic places in Virginia and the nation, including threats from inequality, climate change and flooding, large- scale industrial development, lack of stewardship, and changes in urban planning to accommodate increased housing needs. Partnerships are needed on local, state, and federal levels to find adaptive, collaborative solutions for preserving unique historic sites for the benefit of Virginia communities.

“Historic places are at the forefront of debates about the environment, affordable housing, and smart growth,” said Elizabeth S. Kostelny, Preservation Virginia CEO. “We need to work together to address these issues while preserving locations that still have so much to teach us about our collective past and our present. Once a historic place is demolished, it’s gone forever.”

In no particular order, Virginia’s Most Endangered Historic Places for 2023 are:

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