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Letter of the president of the Moore street school foundation

My name is Jerome Legions, and I am the President of the Moore Street School Foundation.  I am also the President of Carver Area Civic Improvement League.  I became aware of the decaying condition of Moore Street School, both as a resident of Carver and a member of the civic association.  This historic Richmond landmark has had many false starts. However, Moore Street School needs to receive the attention that other landmarks in the City of Richmond have received to ensure its sustainability and viability. 


In 1886-87, a sixteen-classroom, two-story brick school was built by City engineer Lt. Col. W. E. Cutshaw "to provide the needs for freed African children of Richmond and is said to be the only one retaining much of the original "interior and exterior character," and has been described as one of the best examples of this period still publicly owned.


The Moore Street School Foundation, a 501 C3, was created on March 24, 2021 with the purpose of acquiring and redeveloping the Moore Street School building.


The vision of our foundation is as follows:


Objective: To repurpose the decaying Moore Street School into a center for profitable learning and personal development opportunities for multiple communities.


Challenge:  To give the community a focal point it will respect, admire and utilize. To create an entity that does not duplicate services readily available elsewhere.   To generate community support and attract interest, endorsement and participation


Concept:  The end use of the space would be a self-sustaining operation unique to Richmond as a performing arts training center for all ages as well as an event space and meeting place. 


Current fundraising goal is to raise $100,000.00 to help with the acquisition and the initial stabilization of the building 


The Moore Street School Foundation is asking for your financial support to help in the acquisition, stabilization, preservation of Moore Street School.  Your contribution will also help in our quest to make it not only a draw for Richmonders, but also a statewide and national historic place to visit.  


You can mail a check made payable to Moore Street School Foundation, P O Box 25806 Richmond, Va 23260 or visit


I look forward to any available opportunity to discuss the Moore Street School Foundation project with you.




Jerome Legions, President

Moore Street School Foundation

(804)  439 1309

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